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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 22:13
















Charles Mickle Golf Academy

Great Player Swings




'Mit Sicherheit Charles Mickle ist einer der besten Golflehrer Europas in der heutigen Zeit'

'Without doubt Charles Mickle is one of the finest and most accomplished golf instructors in Europe'




Trevor Immelman displaying all the attributes of a One Plane Swing. Immelman is often said, to have one of the finest swings on the PGA Tour. Looking at these pictures of his set-up and swing makes it easy to understand why people say that..




In my opinion he has a great swing, look at the Photo's below.




































David Toms

Two Plane Swing



Toms has a nice, upright and balanced position. He stands nearer to the ball and his arms hang nicely down.



The club head is well outside the plane line as can be seen by the green circle. Toms raising of the arms is clearly visible.




Flat shoulder plane with a very good and upright two plane left arm position.





Toms’ club shaft is well above the plane angle here, this due in part to him losing his body height during the downswing, his right arm is still close to his body and in a bent position, this will straighten as contact is made with the ball.

It is fairly normal for a two plainer to have the shaft higher at impact, than a one plainer, this due to the squarer shoulder line at impact, but because Toms loses inches in height during the downswing his shaft position therefore is about 10 degrees higher than at address .





Vijay Singh
Former World Number One

One Plane Swing


A great address position from Vijay here, he has good body angles and keeps the hands distanced from his body, this caused by the more bent over address position. His shoulders are also further in front of his toes which sets him up for a steeper shoulder rotation during the backswing.

Vijay displaying all the characteristics of the one plane swing with excellent body angles.


Vijay certainly needs to rotate his upper body quickly from this position, the club shaft/head is a little under plane, nonetheless a good position but he has rather lost his wonderful backswing angles and has a more rounded spinal position during this downswing making him lose the benefit of turning around a fixed axis point.


Vijay has managed to return his shaft back onto the plane line that he set at address, and the shoulders are well rotated in the classic one plane impact position, he does tend to lose his spinal angle during the downswing which is why his hands appear closer to his body and because he loses his spine angle his head also moves away from the ball during the downswing.



All the same his shaft is dead on the plane line so he has done very well despite having changed his spine angle and jumped backwards from the axis line.

Vijay spent 32 weeks as the World Number 1








Bubba Watson Two Plane Swing



Aaron Baddeley Stack and Tilt




Tiger Woods back to a One Plane Swing in 2011
Tiger was World Number 1 for 623 weeks.





Julie Inkster (Hall of Fame). Two Plane Swing




Fred Couples in a Two Plane Backswing
Couples spent 16 weeks as World Number 1.


Jose Maria Olazabal. Our Winning Ryder Cup Captain 2012?
One Plane Swing.




Dean Wilson Stack and Tilt




Mike Weir Stack and Tilt


Ben Hogan    One Plane Swing



Trevor Immelman     One Plane Swing



Charles Howell One Plane Swing



Tiger Woods      One Plane Swing



Colin Montgomery  Two Plane Swing


Moe Norman Single Plane Swing






To finish off these golfers with their respective One or Two Plane, Stack and Tilt or Single Plane swings there is no-one better than former World Number One Greg Norman, below..

Greg Norman One Plane Swing
88 Tour victories and Number one for 331 weeks.

The last point on these different swing types is that all methods are absolutely correct and all function well if the key ingredients for the swings are right, only, if the components of a two plane swing find their way into the one plane swing or stack and tilt finds its way into a single plane swing will problems develop and the player will lose form and confidence. The same applies the other way around and with all methods.



Since the creation of the ‘Official Sony World Rankings’, only 17 players in the world have held the top spot. Bernhard Langer being the first. Going on the swing types that have held the Number One spot the one plane swing is by far the most successful to date.







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