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I have seen a few things in my time; mostly flat backswing postions but only TWICE a swing so upright, you nearly destroy your right ear whilst swinging back. Anybody know Jim Furyks' swing or Calvin Peete's? Well this new so called 'A' swing by David Leadbetter is not new at all - but in its entirety it is furyks swing. Have a look at the complex set of the 'A' swing below.









You’ve got two frames of a narrow or arc-less backswing with a slight trace of reverse pivot, a frame with a harpoon drop of the hands and head and a raising of the spine through impact and therefore a backing off the ball with the head. A young flexible player ( pictured above ) who as the poster boy in the Golf Magazines has wrong positions throughout the swing, ie even he cannot get the compensating swing moves correct. If such a player cannot get it correct what chance does the middle aged un-flexible player have? This is such an unnatural sequence of events above that it makes a good impact position a rare occurance, and even if you do find the compensating move or moves required it is no guarantee that the ball will find its target and nestle next to the pin as a swing with such looping involved will only serve to create a ball flight that is far from straight.



Then you have in the lower frames two positons which are nowhere near to correct positioning of the shaft plane (highlighted in white). In short, I can’t believe I’m seeing this being presented in a golf magazine as something “new or even great.” This 'A' swing is like an octopus falling out of a tree with more planes than the company British Airways possesses!

I'm surprised to know the "A Swing" as described, is a new development. That Is basically the same swing that was taught by Olin Dutra in 1966 do you remember him? No? There is a reason for that! In-fact this swing is so extroadinary that it is going to create many problems and also many people to give up, this is not an alternative swing for anybody but a cry for help from one of the better coaches, no doubt trying to emulate Jim Hardy. Leadbetter, who now seemingly by accident took Nick Faldo to six major championships which include three Open Championships and three Masters titles also taught Michelle Wie a fabulous swing but he seems intent on bringing this new 'A' swing to the fore, but in my view he already knew the best swing and taught Michelle Wie how to use it really well. This new swing is nothing but a phase that will disappear just as Stack and Tilt did and will soon have the letters RIP attributed to it. Having said that, Leadbetter has a number of Academy's World wide which have not been doing all that well, maybe this is just an attempt to re-invigorate interest?


This is a non-proven swing that is a monster to immitate; never mind getting to work under pressure. Give me the classic swing anyday over this non proven motion of events !



Similar to Justin Rose or Ernie Els, Wie / Els and Rose all swing the same, so why develop a brand new swing? Is this a money making venture? I can tell you all one thing, I have never met anyone who can swing a club so steep who was on a similar level to Furyk or Peete. Furyk is the star of this swing today, just as Bubba Watson is the star of his. Calvin Peete also swung like this but because of a broken arm (more follows on Peete) and Furyk swings like this because of his address position. There are simply some swings that work for one player and although hundreds could try, there is no one who could produce similar results.





Calvin Peete was an American professional golfer. He was the most successful African-American to have played on the PGA Tour, with 12 wins, prior to the emergence of Tiger Woods. 12-time Tour winner Calvin Peete passed away at 71 years old. Rest in Peace. A legend leaves the game but the memories will stay with us all !



charles mickle golf









As different as Jim’s Furyks swing may look he swings back upright and then flattens the shaft very, very well in the downswing. If Furyk had done the opposite, which is to swing back too flat and then swing down steeply, you would have never heard of him and he would have never earned over 60 million dollars in his career.





That move of swinging back flat and then coming down too steep is an epidemic in the average golfer’s game,  which I personally see almost on a daily basis, despite saying that, I know of at least twenty ways to eliminate that particular problem. What swing thought works for one however will not for the other!

You are all aware that David’s teaching methods have been termed “lead poisoning” on the PGA Tour for about 20 years. A well respected European Tour Professional with multiple wins World wide once said “he’s ruined WAY more swings than he’s helped including mine”…just saying!


David Leadbetter says the following:-


It’s much easier to go from a steep swing plane on the backswing to a shallow one on the downswing and I agree with that statement. This notion is backed, in part, by the swings of some of the all-time greats, such as Bubba Watson and Jim Furyk or Calvin Peete. They had varying degree's of a steep-to-shallow move, but they have hit zillions of balls and learned to compensate and cement the correctional moves required. Do you have the time and commitment for this or indeed the flexibility?

When I personally think of a great swing; I think of Tiger Woods (2002/2004) Snead, Hogan, Els or Rose and Wie, they are on plane on the back and down swings and not miles off like the 'A' swing requires. It requires quite simply lots of compensating moves to correct the out of plane backswing position.

Calvin Peete


Calvin Peete was a very successful player on the PGA tour during the 1980's, he had a classic A plane position in the backswing, however, Calvin broke is left arm as a child and his parents did not have enough money to have it set properly, so, the poor Calvin grew up with a severe bend in the left arm, he ended up picking the club up in the backswing with the right arm. For Calvin this was the best way to start the backswing and it worked well. I see people referring to Calvins backswing as the Leadbetter 'A' swing but be rest assured this is not the 'A' swing but the only way Calvin could do it.


Calvin flattened the plane considerably in the downswing from the upright backswing. Leadbetter has always taught a more upright swing but never this upright. Nick Price was a good example of an upright plane as was Nick Faldo but these two World stars never even got near to this looping motion of the 'A' swing.



Is a picture of how Calvin Peete flattened the downswing plane.


I leave you to make your minds up on this swing but I suspect it will go the way of STACK and TILT, for me the classic swing of Rose, Els, Woods, Snead, Wie, Immelmann, and Hogan are simple to emulate and produce the results. The ONE plane swing is the best swing around, it is the most simple and the most natural swing to learn. You don't rely on timing as you do with a TWO plane swing and God only knows what you rely on for the 'A' swing!





One last point the biggest mistake in the golf swing is getting into a flat backswing position, if you do that you will never play the golf you want or allow you to hit the ball as you'd like. If you change one thing this year get your club on plane.



Happy Golfing to you all and good luck to David with the NEW 'A' swing.


“Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air.” – Jack Benny

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