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Path Drill Using Golf Tee's

The "Path Drill" is Tiger Woods' favourite way to practice his putting. Putting from short range 2 metres and under has been his strength over the decades, he is simply deadly. Place two tee's a putter head's width apart and place a ball in between. Once you're able to hit putts cleanly without nicking the tees, it means you've perfected your impact position and also your stroke. Although the longer putts will have a slight 'In to In' path it is imperitive to have a straight stroke for shortish putts. The putter head will naturally be swung in a more rounded motion from longer distances as long as your set up is correct.







Toilet Paper

Another good practice aid for your putting is to lay some toilet paper on the ground and down into the hole, make sure the putt is a straight one. It'll give you a clear visual of the line your ball, and your putter head, should be travelling as you putt. This is a good aid on a non windy day.







Tennis Ball

The best confidence builder, use this aid to make the hole look like the entrance to a bucket. If you Struggle with these short ones, this could be the drill for you. It will give you confidence on your short putts and also drop a few strokes?. Hit a few into the hole with the tennis ball, then do the same with a regular golf ball. It's a visual trick that will help big time.




Aside from putting what would be the most important thing to practice?

In well over 90% of the thousands of lessons that I have performed over the years with my clients, I would quite simply say that the vast majority of players do not place themselves in a square position during the set-up and believe this or not, it is the sole reason why so many players hit wayward shots.

The reason for this is that it is absolutely impossible to start your backswing correctly. Lets face it, your body is aiming in the wrong direction and that creates all sorts of mistakes. You must strive to stand correctly so that the first stage of the backswing can be correct, only then will you have a shot at being the golfer you really want to be.

I instruct players who are adament that when they stand over the ball that they are correctly positioned only to find afterwards that they are to their amazement, way off line. It doesn't necessarily mean that a good player stands correctly, I could give you a whole list of good single handicapers who stand incorrectly! So, if there is one thing I can teach you from a distance it is to set up correctly. What you should do, follows.


Setting up for your next shot

The average golfer spends four hours or maybe more on a golf course playing 18 holes and hitting around 90 shots. The majority of the time is spent not hitting shots, but more about thinking and preparing. Having an effective and reliable pre-shot routine can be invaluable and believe me, it will help tremendously.


Setting up and starting the ball on the correct target line is everything. As outlined above, many players don’t do this right. Here’s a drill that I use with my clients during lessons that will help you to achieve correct set-up. Use a bucket from the range and place this empty bucket 4 to 5 feet in front of your ball and directly on your target line.

Always for the right handed player hold your club in your right hand and go 4/5 metres behind your ball target line, now approach the ball from behind and place your clubhead behind the ball first, then when the club head looks in the correct ball - target line direction (over the bucket and beyond) you place your feet in a square or straight stance.

Most players who have been standing wrongly, instantly feel as if they are standing miles to the left, they feel uncomfortable but be assured you are now in a great position. You must now start to re-train your eyes to see the proper starting line. This has to be done at the minimum of two thousand plus balls. If you want to improve then this should challenge you and I guarantee you'll improve.

Justin Rose

Above, the great Justin Rose. Justin is a wonderful player with a majestically beautiful swing, without a proper set-up he too would hit wayward shots but Justin learnt early on the importance of the set-up. Take a leaf out of his book and be a Major winner at your club!

Have lots of fun practicing these drills.

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