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'Mit Sicherheit Charles Mickle ist einer der besten Golflehrer Europas in der heutigen Zeit'

'Without doubt Charles Mickle is one of the finest and most accomplished golf instructors in Europe.





Charles Mickle has been Head PGA Professional  at three clubs for nearly a 25 years. During that time he has built up a fantastic golf complex and reputation as a fantastic coach to Tour Players and Amateurs. The PGA and the PGA of Europe have said in 2009, that he is one of Europes best coaches, a reputation he is keen to maintain and build on.







Copyright Notice: Reproduction & distribution of these pictures is strictly prohibited. Images © Original Photographer






Q. Who influenced you to become a professional golfer?


A. Firstly, Nick Faldo; I remember seeing him for the first time on black and white TV, when he was around the age of 19 and I was 11. He was the modern Tour professional of the day. Also Jeremy Wright who was the Professional at Bull Bay Golf Club on the Island of Anglesey, where I learned the game and grew up, I joined there aged 13 years and became a scratch player by the age of fifteen. I used to help out a bit in the shop and I think that inspired me to achieve more and persue the dream of being a professional.



Q. What does your position involve?

A. I have a very active role as Director of Golf and coaching at the Golf Academy.



Q. What is your earliest golfing memory?

A. Being frustrated at how hard the game was and not understanding the bad kicks and bounces you get when things are not going your way. All golfers understand this frustration..



Q: What did it mean to you to be presented with the award Advanced Fellow of the PGA?


A: The award was presented in Munich in 2009 by Sandy Jones Chief Exec of the British PGA and Ian Randal Chief Exec of the PGA of Europe, it meant an awful lot to me, to say I was overjoyed would be an understatement. I had studied many external courses and also the Advanced Professional Education programme that the PGA offers in combination with the University of Birmingham. In being presented with the award I became the first and only Professional in Germany to have such a high qualification and held joint top spot with one another Professional on Mainland Europe. I believe worldwide there are four other professionals who hold the same level of qualification.


Q. What is the most common question you are asked as a PGA professional?


A. As I have a reputation as a market leader in golf instruction I would say that I am most frequently asked about why people can't rip it as far as they would like. It's like getting a suit from a good store- we're all different shapes and sizes so we have different lengths that we can hit the ball, and it's no different with golf swings. Technique, flexability, age, body structure (including muscle groups), shafts, and clubs, plus the time spent on the range or course developing and improving swing skills or technique all play a role. in hitting the ball large distances.



Q. What is the key message you try to get over to new golfers?


A. If you can learn a good and simple golf swing early in life, you will have a swing for life.



Q. What is the most common fault that you observe in regular club golfers?



A. Most people stand incorrectly and are mostly aimed wrong, their allignment is mostly set to the right. This causes a flatter, rounder backswing plane with a steeper downswing plane angle, as they try to compensate for the incorrect stance this is more often termed out to in which leads to slicing the longer clubs and pulling the shorter clubs. It quite often amazes me how badly set up most people are, remember, the higher the handicap the more people set up to the right and the lower the handicap the more you will see people set up more to the target and it is no secret that very good players, set up mostly parallel to the target line or too far left of target. Being alligned too far left of target allows them the chance of attacking from the inside, thus achieving more distance. Better to be in the left hand semi rough than the right hand semi rough, you'll be nearer to the green than somepne who sets up to the right.



Q: What is the key message you try to get over to new golfers?


A: It is also vital to warm up and play some practice shots before playing as people do in almost every other sport. Too many golfers seem to think they can walk onto the tee and hit the ball straightaway. Most golfers are impatient and want success too quickly, if they do not have that instant success they are reluctant to practice, so I would say that all golfers should develop a little patience.



Q. Why is it important have lessons with a PGA professional?


A. The biggest problem that a golfer can have is misinformation.  Most people will try to help a player who is struggling or just starting out by giving them little bits of advice. Each piece of friendly advice will have an effect on the swinging motion, an untrained person or well meaning friend will not know the next correction needed in the swing and so the sequence of the kinetic chain movements in the swing will be broken. Well meaning friendly advice will confuse a golfer leaving them with no idea of what they should be doing.


A PGA professional generally knows the sequence of the kinetic chain movements required in the swing plus much, much more he will be able to prioritise changes, check ball flight, see, using video playback, clubface positions during and you will be able to develop a sound and reliable swing. PGA professionals and experienced coaches are trained by the PGA to do these things to help the average player.


Q. What is your favourite course?


A. My favourite course has to be St.Andrew's, just for the fantastic feeling of history and the atmosphere that the St.Andrew's Town and Old Course can give you. I also think Conwy Golf Club in North Wales is a fantastic course in beautiful surroundings, it has played host to many great Championships.



Q. Who is the most famous person to whom you have given a golf lesson?


A. I have taught numerous famous people but the most memorable were Franz Beckenbauer, Kai Pflaume (TV Presenter), and Howard Carpendale (singer) Erich Kühnhackl (German Ice Hockey legend and Manager of the former German National Ice Hockey Team Manager).



Q: How did you manage to become so good as a coach?



The answer to this is tricky, as it takes a long time to become a skilled coach, knowledge, being a very good player, having excellent communication skills, physiological skills meaning understanding the physical capabilities of your student will help you help them tremendously. Not knowing how the body works might lead you to suggest a fix that does not fit in with their physical abilities. Continuous learning and having an open mind will all contribute to becoming an excellent coach. If you do not know your subject inside and out then you are still far from being an excellent coach.


Great golf instructors separate themselves with what they do after they've learned the fundamentals of the golf swing. Present day golf instruction has become more and more competitive and the need for an advanced skill base is growing, Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology. If you want to be recognized as an elite golf mind, the above traits are mandatory. New thoughts breed new breakthroughs. New breakthroughs make great instructors. If you want to be great, you won't be doing what everyone else is doing and that drives you on to exhaust all possibilities. The best instructors are not the young just qualified types it takes time and a continuous thirst for knowledge that makes you great and of course thousands of hours of trial and error lessons.

Q: What does it entail teaching Tour Professionals?



It is without doubt the most rewarding aspect of being a coach. A Tour Player puts his trust in you, and essentially each decision you make, plays a huge role in his life. You are effectively messing with their livelihood when you change something in the swing, you cannot afford to make a single mistake and you must know your golf swing techniques inside out. It is an honour to coach great players and there are not many golf professionals or coaches, who are given the opportunity of teaching such players or indeed have the trust of such a player.



Q: Have you taught many good Amateurs?



A: I used to coach Lee Harpin who, historically became the first Welshman to achieve being a double Walker Cup player which is quite an achievement, and I have coached quite a few German Internationals who have since turned professional and either play the Tour or are coaches.



Q: How many players have turned professional under your tutoridge?


I think the answer is about thirty one now.



Q. Who were the most famous people with whom you have been on a golf course?


A. I worked for ABC (USA) Television during the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale and I walked 18 holes with Jack Nicklaus, Ken Brown and Nick Price, although I have been fortunate to coach quite a number of celebrities.



Q. What three things in your golf bag could you not do without?


A. My Ping G2 Driver, my Sand Wedge and a couple of nice Cigars.



Q. What three people (dead or alive) would you choose for make up a dream four ball?


A. Firstly, I would have my sons Andrew and Richard in a threeball....or in a fourball Sir. Michael Caine and Sir. David Attenborough and Severiano Ballesteros. Michael Caine for his lifetime stories and great and interseting actor that he is, David Attenborough for his knowledge of wildlife and the World, he is amazing, and Seve for putting European Golf on the map, simply genious.



Q: If you could change one rule about golf, what would it be and why?



A: It is unbelievably unfair to be forced to take a penalty shot, if you have to drop
a ball outside a bunker that is completely full of water. That rule needs to be changed.




Q: What are the advantages of buying equipment from a PGA professional rather than on the internet?



A: People claim they can buy cheap clubs off the internet but they will not have been custom-fitted, and most of the people who work in such stores have no idea about custom fitting and will rather sell you the clubs with the most profit (commission). I even know of people who have been custom fitted and the clubs when tested were standard. Which means purchasers may well be wasting their money.


I heard of someone returning from the United States with a terrific 'bargain' - he was really pleased untill I pointed out that he had Ladies shafts !! He continued playing with the bargain clubs, much to the amusement of his golfing pals.


The most expensive club you will ever buy is the one that is not suited to you.....When you buy blind off the internet you are effectively choosing a club at random and trusting to luck, that it suits your swing speed and body credentials, and that really is silly.


Remember, the most expensive club you will ever buy is the one that does not fit or suit your game.


Q: How many holes in one have you had?



A: So far I have had six holes in one.




Q:How many course records do you have?




A: I hold seven course records the last being a round of 62.




Q:What is your lowest round?




A: 61, is my lowest round with a bogey on the par 5 17th which I was trying to birdie to get the 59. That was very annoying, even years later. (Par 72)




Q: What annoys you the most about other coaches?



A:  I think there are too many coaches who have all the gear -  but not much idea –

I mean, they have the 'Look', with their initials on their clothes, a baseball cap, video        cams, analyse this trajectory and that ball speed and they’re on the range giving lessons and most of the time they have little idea of a concept behind the technical workings of a correct repeating swing. Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ben Hogan, Walter Hagen, Sam Snead and others never gave a seconds thought to some of the 'must have', daft technology that we have today.


They didn't think of ball speed or club head speed or launch angles did they? But they still went round the courses with great scores. Nicklaus won 18 Majors without the technology, Watson 8 Majors, I mean come on guys and gals open your eyes and stop believing so much in technology, get a good coach who exercises correct principles and enjoy your golf more.





Q:What is your most important swing thought?


A: How good will this shot be ?



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