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'Mit Sicherheit Charles Mickle ist einer der besten Golflehrer Europas in der heutigen Zeit'

'Without doubt Charles Mickle is one of the finest and most accomplished golf instructors in Europe'

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Holder of 7 course records! The most recent; September 2016

Curriculum Vitae:


Full Name: Charles Mickle









This accolade represents being one of the finest Professionals on the European Mainland.


The value of a PGA Pro is priceless.

With the regular contact with all golfers, both members and visitors, The PGA Pro is the person Making Golf Happen in your Golf Club.

A PGA Pro improves golf and improves Business. Improve your business with a PGA Pro.

A PGA Pro is more than just a professional. “We’ve learned a lesson from a PGA Pro”.

Employing a PGA Pro means profit as the seek to drive more business through your club, adding value in multiple ways.







British PGA professionals have the highest and hardest sport qualifications throughout the world and endure the worlds hardest hardest sports examination to become the best PGA Professionals.



Award:  ADVANCED FELLOW of the Professional Golfers' Association.



  • Diploma: FELLOW OF THE PGA
    This accolade represents a Top 20 position out of 9,000 British PGA Members.
  • Diploma:Fully Qualified 'ADVANCED' PGA Professional.
  • Diploma: Fully Qualified Class 'AA' PGA Professional. (Min 10 Years).
  • Diploma: Fully Qualified Class 'A' PGA Professional. Bisham Abbey, London.
  • Diploma: Director of Golf / Golf Club Manager. Derby, England.
  • Diploma: Fully Qualified Sports Psychologist. Mental Coach.
    Newcastle University.
  • Diploma: PGA Coach Level 111.
  • Golf Course Designer and Architect
  • Diploma: Master Instructor. 33 straight years of having the PGA'S coveted double AA qualifying standards.
  • Fully Qualified Member German PGA.

Personal Profile

I am a highly experienced Director of Golf /Club Manager and Head Professional with extensive experience in all aspects of the profession who has to date developed a first class career at some of the finest golfing facilities in Europe and the United Kingdom.

I am a hard working and confident individual with a great sense of humour, excellent interpersonal skills with a creative approach to work, combined with empathy and an even temperament. I am self motivated with an outgoing personality and I have a strong desire to improve my credentials and keep myself at the pinnacle of my profession, and to ensure the highest standard of professionalism wherever I carry out my duties.

I am highly qualified in every department of the role and I am able to adapt to any situation or problem, using my own initiative and through an intelligent and creative approach to finding and resolving potential problems. I am articulate and a well organised team leader who has great communication skills and creates the perfect environment amongst his team, clients and guests.

Charles MICKLE, is a confident, extremely capable, self motivated and adaptable individual with a strong personal character, excellent sense of humour who is easily able to integrate  with a large number of personalities. I am a good listener, caring and considerate with a wonderful mannerism coupled together with courteousness.

I am able to identify and develop opportunities through good strategic vision, I am reliable and dependable of high integrity, diligent and conscientious, emotionally mature and sensitive and patient on top of being energetic and physically fit.

My personal development over the last years has been very rewarding not only for myself but for my own club committee, my clients, and also their respective clubs. Being such a respected and experienced professional leaves me with a strong belief that I can enhance any facility, internally and externally, which can only be of benefit in creating that special atmosphere that a golf club strives to achieve.

I am a dedicated and hard working individual and I pride myself on not only being a leading role model but on being a fine ambassador to this great game and without doubt one of the finest instructors of the golf swing throughout Europe.

I have achieved an ‘Advanced Fellow,’ of the British Professional Golfers Association status, which is an honourable title given to outstanding members of the PGA. It reflects vast experience, numerous qualifications, high levels of expertise,  know-how and a position or standing within the PGA that very few achieve. To clarify, ‘Golf Professionals who have achieved substantial successes and are well above the normal professional PGA standards and qualifications’,  we are honoured by the PGA in this fashion and with such a rating. The honour is arrived at by a 9 man committee, which includes officials from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews, leading personalities from the University sector and high ranking PGA officials. *I am the first and only Golf Professional in Germany to be given this extremely high standing within our association and one of only two in central Europe*.

An ‘Advanced Fellow of the PGA’, has a much higher qualification than the following levels of  golf professional membership,  Fellow PGA pro, Advanced PGA pro, or the normal Class ‘AA’ PGA pro or a Class ‘A’ PGA professional. We are the best Professionals that the  PGA can offer any future employer.

You could contact me on this email:- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

During my time as a Professional Coach 33 of my students have turned professional, mostly becoming members of the The PGA of Great Britain, The PGA of Germany or playing professionals on the Professional Golf Tours.

Past employers say....."Overseeing a staff of many, Charles Mickle is responsible for all golf operations including running golf schools, increasing membership and corporate golf day business as well as advising on marketing and advertising campaigns. Developing a comprehensive golf tuition programme and sales and marketing strategy to promote the Golf Club venue. Charles brings a keen sense of awareness to his new task at his present Golf Club, of the manner in which relationships with visitors and members are successfully maintained by improving staff efficiency both on and off the course through leadership and internal training programmes."


Another Club writes, "that the PGA Advanced Fellow of the PGA Charles Mickle is the main reason for the clubs success particularly in the first decade of the clubs history, helping it to become one of the elite clubs in the Munich area and establishing in a short time, many excellent single digit golfers and also having a professionals shop that was rated in the top 3% of all Germany."


Another Club had its annual income increased by 1 Million Euro's through Charles' innovating thinking and marketing, course improvements, member aquisition and general management of the Greenkeepers and other staff. This after the Club had been bankrupted twice but today can show a good balance sheet.


It is a formula that has met with unqualified success wherever PGA Advanced Fellow Charles Mickle has served and this has made him one of the most sought-after experts in the highly competitive world of global golf.


Did you know ?


Your club will benefit from having one of the most highly skilled PGA golf coaches in Europe ?

Your club will benefit from a large increase in range ball sales !

Your club will benefit in having increased footfall !

Your customers will benefit from having a high level of professionalism !

Your club will benefit from having a coaching academy offering a complete technical approach and one that delivers outstanding customer service and GUARANTEED results for your members and guests regardless of age or skill level !

Would your club benefit from having a better and professionally run academy delivering high quality lessons with very high scores of success annually... ? ...or would you rather have a name on the wall that does not get results, leaves members running from the range with frustration and provides less footfall and profit ?

If ' YOU ', answered YES to any of the above suggestions you should be thinking about getting in contact with me or approaching your Golf Club Committee.

Note: If you had a legal issue of high importance, would you chance the work to a Lawyer of mediocre standing? Or would you want a Lawyer who wins 98% of his cases, someone with a highly proven track record? Someone who knows the ins and outs?

If you answered the Lawyer with the 98% track record then I have to say that, that is exactly where I would take my matter of high importance. Is your golf not worth the best that you can get?


* If you have responsibility for your golf or your members as a Committee member or other then approach me by clicking the email link above. Thank You.


Copyright Notice: Reproduction & distribution of these pictures is strictly prohibited. Images © Original Photographer

Copyright Notice: Reproduction & distribution of these pictures is strictly prohibited. Images © Original Photographer




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